Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to wear that Item that makes you feel a little weird

Weird items.  They look great on the hanger, look fabulous on the shelf.  Fit colourwise in your wardrobe...

But something about actually wearing that items makes me feel awkward and self conscious!

Sometimes that is a good thing because it means I am being taken out of my comfort zone - and often get compliments or just NO comment (which is ALSO good!) by the end of the day.  Item success!

I take a photo of the item and take time to clean up the photo of ugly background.  Or if it looks horrible lying on my kitchen floor, I get a family member to take a photo of garment ON my body - and clean ME out of the photo.  Then upload it to my favourite app where I can play with photos with other clothing.  The one I use is www.polyvore.com.  Simply because I haven't progressed forward to an app!

Then I can create sets using the existing vast clothing/accessory database of the fashion app to see what makes that item really look good.  Then see if I can equate that to stuff already in my wardrobe.

9 times out of 10 I can.  It just takes courage to wear it.  And by the end of the day, I've enjoyed wearing out in the open my favourite clothing item I hoard like Gollem's Precious.

I am a crafter.  I knit and sew.  Often I knit or sew something that I've wanted to create like a piece of art without thinking of how wearable it is (not artistic items difficult to manage, but that "does it fit in my wardrobe or bodyshape" factor).  Then I take a photo of it and pop it into my sets on Polyvore. 

All without making a mess in my home!

Pick up the Tweed

Pick up the Tweed

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